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Our profession is our passion. Building websites and web applications with common sense, seducing your collegues and project people to share their knowledge. No matter which web application, we can help you build it or advice you in using of the shelf products.
We analyse your situation or process and start moving. Oh yes, common sense, always within budget. Be our guest and take a minute and browse through this website to learn more about our passion.


When we talked about about 'Sharing Knowledge web-based' some odd 15 years ago people looked at us quite pityfull and shaked their heads. Knowledge is money, it's 'my knowledge'. Now look around you, your (social) media can hardly hold all the shared knowledge you have access to. Whether it's on your PC, Phone, etc. It's there at your finger tips. A lot of it...
Tailoring communication and activities within your organisation and networks becomes crucial.

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Being a partner in two EU Research projects we were asked to support the partners hosting and 'producing' e-Learning modules.
A logical step for us and a perfect match between the content provider (universities, institutes, networks) and the 'ICT - partner'.
We are responsible for the design (visual and info graphics) and the technical implication like SCORM compliance and LMS compatibility. We use in most cases Lectora and provide training and consultancy to lecturers.

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Well known in the scientific research communities you sometimes get a question that puzzles you: "Can you help us automating the primary process of Cohort studies?"
Cohort studies are all about a lot of participants, a lot of events and a lot of measurements and questionnaires. Analysing the data is of course all taken care of.
But the organisation (read process) is still in many cases a manual thing. We jumped at the opportunity and are now supporting a dozen cohorts for different universities in the Netherlands.

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